Volunteer Application and Onboarding Guide

Written by Shivek Khurana

We need all the help we can get our hands on. This guide is meant for public and internal consumption. It walks through the steps we need to take in order to make new volunteers welcomed and enable them to be productive as soon as possible.

What do we need? #

Karuna2020’s goal is to help the deserving with ration kits in an open and transparent way. All our data is available for audit publicly, and we will try our best to keep it that way.
For smooth operations of our processes, we need individuals who can help us with one or more of the following tasks:

  1. Procurement
    1. Introduce suppliers who are willing to work at the best rates
    2. Manage and coordinate deliveries to and in between godowns
  2. Distribution
    1. Help identify communities in need
    2. Help identify ground level workers to sync with
    3. Get in touch with the beneficiaries to collect data
    4. Collect distribution pictures for marketing purposes
  3. Transportation
    1. Restricting motion is the key to controlling the virus. We are in search of transporters who can follow safety protocols and deliver materials in Delhi and Gurgaon
    2. Have access to a fleet or have good connections with fleet owners
  4. Government Support
    1. Help us attain passes and permissions to distribute on ground
    2. Connect to local authorities/ police to ensure hassle free distribution
  5. Central Control/ Operations
    1. Help lead the control centre, by staying on top of all processes
    2. Identifying and improving gaps
    3. Communicate across teams proactively
  6. Web and Technology
    1. Help build and extend our website in an open source fashion
  7. Social Media and Marketing
    1. Design the overall communications
    2. Ensure consistency in brand voice across channels
    3. Communicating updates to donors and stakeholders
  8. Donation Management and Accounting
    1. Help us reach out to donors in a systematic way
    2. Keep an overview of the funds and lead the fund raising efforts accordingly

Who can apply? #

We want you if you understand your privileged position and want to serve those who are not as well off as you are.
We are a volunteer run organisation and do not have a formal hiring process. You should apply if you can spare 2-4 hours of time everyday and are willing to do whatever it takes.
However a clear understanding of ways you can contribute, and a set of core competencies are appreciated.

Cannot volunteer but want to help? #

There are multiple ways in which you can help us without volunteering:

  • Follow and share our posts on Instagram and Facebook
  • Donate and refer us to your friends and family
  • Help those who depend on you
  • Pray

How do I join? #

We have a 6 step process to onboard and assign you to the right team:

  1. Apply online by filling the form
  2. Someone from the team will call you in 7 days
  3. We’ll ask some questions
  4. We’ll assign you to a team
  5. We’ll give you a set of guides you need to review
  6. We’ll start assigning you tasks

Volunteer Onboarding Process #

This section is meant for operators. Our onboarding funnel is on Airtable, ask for access if you don’t have it:

  1. Pick a card from Uncategorised Column and assign yourself as the handler
  2. Call and introduce yourself, “Hi, this is Shivek from Karuna 2020. This call is regarding your application to volunteer.”
  3. Give them a broad overview of what we do, “We are trying to ease the impact of Covid 19 Pandemic by providing dry ration to families in need, in a transparent way”.
  4. Talk about the achievements so far, “We have raised over 10lakh INR since the lockdown and have provided for 1200 families.”
  5. Inquire about their experience in the field they have chosen to work on, write their specialities in Notes Field in the card.
  6. Share your contact information with them. Be their point of contact until they feel comfortable talking to other people on the team.
  7. Request them to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share our posts in their network
  8. Request them to read standard operating protocols and safety measures
  9. Ask if they have any queries and try your best to answer them. If you don’t know the answer immediately, figure it out and call them again.
  10. Move the card to the Contacted Column
  11. Get them invited to a conference meeting
  12. Arrange access to the relevant board/ Google Sheet to help them pick up their first task
  13. See how they progress
  14. Move them to Onboarded Column when they have successfully finished their first task
  15. Request them to add themself to the list of active volunteers

Conclusion #

The crisis we are facing needs all help that the world can afford. We are a small group of people playing our humble part, and designing processes to help you play yours.

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