Written by Anand Chowdhary

NOTE: This is a very early version.

Writing #

Referring to Karuna 2020 and the Pack #

Make sure you stick to the official spelling and writing style of “Karuna 2020” and the “Karuna 2020 Dry Ration Pack”:

  • ❌ Karuna2020
  • ❌ Karuna-2020
  • ✅ Karuna 2020

Similarly, use “Karuna 2020 Dry Ration Pack” as a proper noun:

  • ❌ Karuna 2020 dry ration pack
  • ❌ Karuna 2020 Health and Wellness Kit
  • ✅ Karuna 2020 Dry Ration Pack

Titles #

On the website, all titles are in sentence case, not title case. This means that the first word and all proper nouns should be capitalized, but no other words. This should also be reflected on Airtable cards in “Social Media Outreach”:

  • ❌ 12 Kits Distributed in Sikanderpur
  • ✅ 12 kits distributed in Sikanderpur

General grammar #

  • Use sentence case in UI text, button labels, and headings
  • Render proper nouns as their creators prefer (e.g., “GitHub”, not “Github” or “GH”)
  • Prefer the serial comma in lists, except where ambiguity would be introduced by including it
  • No spaces between two terms separated by a slash (e.g., “a/b”, instead of “a / b” or “a/ b”)
  • Prefer plain terms over jargon and acronyms