Ration and Safety Kit Assembly Guide

Written by Vikrant Abrol

Dry Ration Kit #

A dry ration kit is enough for a family of 4-5 and can be assembled using the following ingredients:

Item Quantity
Rice 10kg
Dal (mix 2 or 3 varieties) 2kg
Salt 1kg
Haldi-Chilli-Dhaniya Powder Combo 200gms
Mustard/Palm Oil 1ltr
Soap Bar (for washing hands) 4

In case of families larger than 5, 1 kit to be distrubted for every 5 members, ie:

Number of family members Kits to distribute
0-5 1
6-10 2
11-15 3

There can be cases where people start hoarding multiple kits. Request verification from on-ground volunteers/ distributors before distribution. If verification is not available, trust the on-site volunteer and request for picture proofs of distribution. Our job is to be only as efficient as possible.

Packaging Kits #

Helful in creating a dry ration kit.

Item Quantity
1 kg load plastic/cloth bags 5kg/ 500pieces
Rubber Bands

Godown Workers Safety Kit #

It’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of our workers in our godowns and packaging centres. On onboarding a new godown, a worker safety kit should be made available to the on-ground manager. A standard safety kit is enough for 10 workers.

Item Quantity
Mask 10
Disposable Gloves 10 pairs
Liquid Soap 1 litre
Hand Sanitizer 500ml